Always have your MED ALERT pendant or wristband handy.
You can create a better Transfer Packet to be sent to the ER with you. Contact the webmaster for a template.

Helping the EMS personnel help you!
Click here for a map of the Abington Hospital Complex.
Call 215-628-8845 to notify the nursing office when you go to or return from the hospital.
Action options when you fall:
  1. Press button on MED ALERT pendant or wristband (security and nursing will get the alert)
  2. Dial 911
  3. Dial 215-628-8840 (security)
  4. Dial 215-628-8845 (nurse)
  5. Come to the nursing office
Notify security if you call 911.
Cost to replace a lost Med Alert pendant is $150.00
You can trade in your pendant for a wristband for free.