Our website was created to quickly provide residents of Gwynedd Estates with handy information. The purpose of the website is to supplement the vigorous efforts of the Gwynedd Estates staff, volunteers, and Acts corporate to keep us informed with meetings, a newsletter, memos, a TV channel, bulletin boards, and a portal.

All residents who have signed a life-care contract with Gwynedd Estates and Acts Retirement-Life Communities, Inc are members of the Gwynedd Estates Residents' Association (GERA) and are eligible to attend all meetings of the association. For further meeting details, check our bylaws. You can do this by clicking on the RA officers directory.

To enlarge the print on the pages, you press the + key while holding down the Ctrl key. The content is primarily from the Resident Handbook binder.

SPECIAL NOTE: There may be names, email addresses, phone numbers, and apartment IDs of residents not in any directory. This is because the resident requested that their information not be included in the website. If your information is included and you do not want it to be known by other residents, please notify a member of the website team. It will be removed.

Here is a new resident checklist:
  • Received access card from move-in coordinator (it is used for security gate, outside doors, and meals)
  • Received name tag from reception desk
  • Received apartment key or keys from move-in coordinator (additional keys may be ordered at the reception desk)
  • Received mailbox key and assigned mailbox in the mail room from move-in coordinator
  • Received MED alert pendant or wrist band from security
  • Received new resident handbook at welcome orientation
  • Received "buddy ball" from move-in coordinator NOTE: Hang on door knob each night and remove by 10:00 am
  • Received medical information form from move-in coordinator
  • Completed medical information form and returned it to Wellness office
  • Received TV service request form from move-in coordinator
  • Completed TV service request form and returned it to the reception desk
  • Obtained renter's insurance
  • Obtained the URL for the Gwynedd Estates website from floor director
  • Provided webmaster your birthday info (month and day only)
  • Received demo of how to use our website from webmaster
  • Received community orientation from floor director
  • Received assigned parking space from floor director
  • Provided security with vehicle info to obtain vehicle sticker